I'm your next intern for The Times

I am a 17 year old designer, web developer, digital marketing consultant, and a used-to-be music producer.

Music Production

For a few years after 7th grade, I produced beats and music and sold them. I dealt with hundreds of potential clients a day and rappers I admired.

Web Development

After learning to code, I started learning how to design and develop websites. Safe to say, pretty much everything sucked in the beginning, but not anymore.

Graphic Design

I started out working at a game studio a few of my friends in college started. I crafted various assets and works that would later be put in their first game. This was when I started 8th grade.

Digital Marketing

I work with local businesses and non profits to improve and start their digital marketing efforts and campaigns. FB, IG, Snap, YT, Google ads and everything.

Every great advertising campaign needs a great digital home.

I can be your digital architect, designing beautiful digital products for all of your clients.

You tell stories with a iPhone camera, I tell them with code and design.

Imagine telling your next clients that you can provide design and development in house. For free.

Here’s why I would be a valuable addition to the team.

  • As of now, I work with several 50+ year old people on their digital strategy and marketing. Most of that is showing them a new way of marketing - through experiences and stories and not banners and offers.
  • When working on selling music, I grew my Instagram page to over 11k followers.
  • I manage a team of 2 currently as I build a media and events company around sneakers and fashion. Our first sneaker convention is Aug 4th.
  • A product I built at a hackathon (invention competition), called Vouch, won "Best Design".
  • I'll do literally anything. Get the team coffee? Done. Setup lighting for a photo shoot? Done. Boring paperwork? Done.
    I want as much experience as possible working with some of the smartest people in advertising.
  • Plus, I'll work for free.

I think The Times is the greatest thing to happen to the advertising industry since bread. And I just want to be near it.

If you give me the chance, I’ll make it worth your while.